Olemme harjoitusyritys, joka on luotu Turun Ammattikorkeakoulun Salon toimipisteessä opiskelun yhteydessä ja jonka avulla opiskelemme ensimmäisen vuoden liiketalouden opinnot.

keskiviikko 3. huhtikuuta 2013

Have you ever dreamed a chair what looks like a candy?

Hi You dear reader!

Hopefully you have had a nice day!

Like you might have been read few weeks ago the text (from here) about that
we are travelling to Utena, Lithuania!
There we are taking part of international fair. Why? Because our group did win whit big success the fair in our school Turku University of Applied Science, Salo campus.

What kind of croup there is going to be in MakeaDesign's department? Something like this:

Sponsored by Maripuoti Ky

What this looking group might cell? 

Hy MakeaDesign Oy is offering to You (in imaginary world) high design furniture for offices, smalls and bigs.
All the products are designed in Nordic countries and by effect of them your working days at office are so much easier to take! Let me told how this is possible.

First of all, our products are ergonomically designed so you won't feel any back pain ever again! Hy MakeaDesign is offering all the products what color you ever want and
this includes the chair what looks like a candy.

Have you ever dreamed about it? We have!

Thank you for reading this!

By love,
Johanna (fourth from left)

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